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May 4th, 2015

01:40 am: How old robot meets Arashi
When I first saw the appearance of the how old robot age checker trend, I just knew I had to do this for Arashi! XD
The first picture is the new VS promo pic, and the second are screencaps from a recent tv spot about them talking about the new VS Arashi logo (around May 2nd or 3rd I think).

This also proves that Sho and J are the most manly members, since they're consistently guessed as male on both pictures. :D

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April 15th, 2015

02:26 am: random comeback
Whoa...haven't been here in AGES!! *blows away dust*
So many things have happened since my last post here, like I've been to an Arashi concert!!!
\(*^o^*)/ Although I was faaar away at the very back, and could barely see Arashi through binoculars, but hey, I was there in person! XD

I will just end this random comeback with a random kanji-pic I just had to take (for obvious reasons), 2 days ago at a kendo tournament. enjoy!


April 27th, 2013

02:58 pm: Hidamari no Kanojo
So the teaser trailer is out and so are all the lovey-dovey pics of J and Juri-chan. Are you getting excited about this movie yet? :)

The plot description goes:
"A new salesman named Kosuke Okuda happens to meet Mao Watarai, a friend from his middle school days. Back then, Mao was called stupid and bullied, but now she is an attractive woman. Kosuke and Mao fall in love and decide to marry, but Mao has a secret…"

another says:

The film is based on a romance novel by Osamu Koshigaya which has consistently received glowing reviews from young female readers.
Jun Matsumoto plays Kosuke, a rookie ad exec who is reunited with former childhood friend Mao (Juri Ueno) at a client meeting 10 years after they last saw each other in junior high school. Mao has gone through a dramatic transformation from the girl who was bullied and called the “class idiot” in school to an attractive and intelligent young woman.
As the teaser shows, the two start spending lots of time together and become a couple. However, Mao is keeping an incredible secret…"

Don't you just hate when they end plot descriptions with "secret..."???? Aaaaargghhh it was driving me crazy! Especially since I would have to wait until October to find out what it was, since I don't have a sufficient Japanese knowledge to read the novel. :(

Well, that won't do - I thought and started googling for spoilers. There must be some spoilers out there - I thought, while I searched for keywords in English, French, Hungarian.... to no avail.

Then I turned to Japanese, and I found the spoiler! I thought I'd share it here in English, in case you're dying to know like me, but please take it with a grain of salt, because I mainly used google translator for interpreting the Japanese I found and I am not sure how accurate the translation is, thought I'm pretty sure this is the answer, since it came up in many search results. ^^


Click here for the spoiler to Hidamari no kanojo (the novel)Collapse )

Anyway, now that I read the spoiler to the novel, I can still say I'm looking forward to the movie! :)

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January 17th, 2013

04:24 am: Arashifan in Tokyo (twice!) a photo report
Wow I haven't realized that I have neglected this journal for almost one and a half years! Shame, because many things happened, some of which were Arashi related, therefore relevant. 

The most memorable ones were two trips to Tokyo in 2012. One was for 3 weeks from mid-January and the other was for 10 days in December. 

Since pictures are worth a thousand words (plus they also have some comments added), here are the two photo reports of the Arashi related parts of my two trips ^^

Click the picture for trip 1

Click the picture for trip 2

July 20th, 2011

11:15 pm: CNN International

Has anyone actually seen Arashi's message on CNN International? I started watching for it today, but no luck so far... I want Arashi in my tv!!!


July 11th, 2011

11:15 pm: The Great Nya~ Fanproject - rough draft
I'm sure that almost if not every Arashifan has already watched Arashi inviting us to Japan as tourism navigators.

After watching the video of them saying nya~~ over and over again in cute variations, I had the urge for a fanproject of some sort... for which the rough draft would go as follows: 

The project is simple, but it requires good organizing skills.

1. The plan is to gather as many Arashi/JE/Japan fans in one place as can be managed.

2. Preferably choose a famous landmark in your country/city for the background. (tipical examples: France - Eiffel Tower, Egypt - pyramids, Peru - Machu Picchu).

3. Take a short video of the group of people saying "Nya~" while doing the maneki neko pose, with the landmark visible in the background. 

4. Compile the videos into one big reply video! ^^

This would only be impressive if there were enough people for each country to make a crowd... Somewhat like a flashmob.
I wonder if people would be interested in participating...
Hmm...maybe I'll post it to the community as a poll, to find out.

I think it'd be fun though! ^^
Nya ~

June 22nd, 2011

01:06 am: Decisions are hard!
Q: which Scene DVD should I buy? The first or the second?

Favorite moments from the second DVD
- Sho-chan losing his balance during Hadashi no mirai
- tons of Oh-chan fanservice
- Sho-chan jumping over the fountain and wetting his pants XD
- Nino cracking up over it
- Aiba-chan and the hoodie
- Nino rips Aiba's shirt
And these were only spotted on first watch. They make the DVD more special.

The rewatching of DVD one is in progress.
To be continued...

June 3rd, 2011

09:32 pm: iTouch and Livejournal

Wow there's an LJ app out for my iTouch!! Exciting!!! My lj pages were the first thing I checked every morning, so hopefully this app will prove veeery useful! ^^

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May 3rd, 2011

01:04 am: Pray for Japan in Budapest
On April 30th, last Saturday I attended a charity concert for Japan. Japanese exchange students studying at the Ferenc Liszt Acadamy of Music in Budapest came together for the cause and played us lots of lovely pieces. I thought they were all very talented. And note to self: if you want to wear princess dresses, become a professional musician (preferably a soloist). ^^


May 2nd, 2011

10:39 pm: Another Gantz TV special
What the hell is up with LJ these past months??? sooo annoying.

I just wrote an entry, and only half of it got through, the other half was summoned by the Gantz ball apparently....

As I was saying, I fail at patience.
I was waiting forever for the first Gantz movie to hit the net, but besides the dubbed version - the existence of which I refuse to acknowledge - nothing came up. Then I was given a link to this thing called Another Gantz, which is supposedly a 2 hour tv special with loads of scenes from the first movie as well  as a bunch of side stories and tie-ins with the second movie added in. I thought long and hard about whether I should just continue waiting or totally spoil myself rotten with this. Aaaaand of course I started watching.

Anyway, if you don't want to spoil the first Gantz movie DO NOT WATCH.
To the others, here's the link to the RAW version of this tv special, hai douso:

welcome to the world of tight black suits and badass Nino talking in is own voice ^^

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